Who is Honor Bodywork?

 -Meet Ingrid-

Well, where do I start?! It almost feels like being on a first date having someone ask, “tell me about yourself” then you get the cold  sweats, your mouth gets dry and you forget your own name. 

So let me take a different route. How about I tell you how I came to bodywork. 

Well, first started on a path of social work on the east coast and that didn’t feel like a good fit. So I moved to Chicago and took some time to explore other creative options. While in Chicago, I began working as a makeup artist and stylist for a photography studio. I loved working with other creatives but I would still find myself incorporating coaching and counseling aspects with those around me. 

Eventually, after 5 consecutive Chicago winters, my body decided 1) those negative windchill factors were for the birds and 2) I could no longer ignore the call to manifest healing in my life and those of others. But the question was “how am I going to do that and not raise an angry winter fist to the sky for 7 months out of the year”?

After a lot of hard work, meditation and research, I moved to Bay Area and things started to fall into place. I enrolled in the 500 Hour Massage Therapy Program at The McKinnon Body Therapy Center and my healing path began. I believe that every body deserves to be nurtured and do not believe that bodywork is not a privilege. Bodywork is for everyone.  Whether you are a cashier, engineer, student, construction worker or whatever your profession, your body is working hard for you every day. If you drive your car every day, eventually you’ll need an tune up. And just like your vehicle, it’s important to schedule regular service. 

And that’s where I come in.