Here you can read about the various approaches to bodywork that makes Honor Bodywork was it is!
If you have any additional questions about how I work including office and appointment policies you can either check out my FAQ page or contact me directly.


Relaxation massage (also known as Swedish Massage) is my first love in terms of massage modalities. When I receive a Relaxation Massage, I love the warm feeling of being held and gently lengthened with each stroke. My style of Relaxation Massage incorporates long lyrical strokes that dance cross the body’s canvas. Relaxation Massage encourages circulation, relieves stress, headaches, body aches and back pain. If you feel like life is coming at you fast, give yourself permission to treat yourself to a Relaxation Massage..

Integrated Deep Tissue Massage is a combination of Relaxation Massage (also known as Swedish Massage) and tradition Deep Tissue Massage. I love receiving a deep massage, when needed, but I don’t like leaving a session like I’ve been in an mixed martial arts ring. So l like to mix medium to firm soothing strokes and stretching with specific, deep massage techniques. Integrated Deep Tissue Massage helps to increase range of motion, relieve pain and reduce muscle tension of specific muscle groups. Do you have an area of your body that you just can’t seem to relax or wish you could reach and bend like you did back in the day-day, I highly recommend and Integrated Deep Tissue Massage.

Prenatal Massage is gentle relaxation massage for birth persons who are expecting a yummy tiny human(s). Prenatal massage relaxes muscle tension, improves circulation and lymphatic drainage along with reducing edema and other discomfort in the body. You’ve probably heard the phrase “it take a village” to raise a child but it’s also important to take care of the birth person and life-bringers as well. After all, their bodies are doing important work and deserve all the juicy love we, the village, can give as they progress through each trimester.

I offer Reiki style energy work as an individual session or as an add-on to an existing session. But first, you probably wondering “what is Reiki”? Well, Reiki is a healing technique that channels a neutralizing energy through the body into the client. Reiki is administered through the hands via touch or by hovering the hands over parts of the body to promote healing.